About Nancye Culbreath

“I have an artistic legacy from my Great-great Grandfather, Nicola Marschall. He is known as the artist of the Confederacy. He painted portraits of prominent southern families and officers of the Civil War.” “I am fortunate to have one of his original oil portraits.“

Nancye grew up in a military family. Living in different parts of the world. She drew at an early age with pencils and colored pencils.

She would illustrate images from stories she had read, fascinated with horses, cowboys and Indians of the old west. Often, she would draw and paint cover pages for school book reports.

In the 1960’s she was living in the Washington D.C. area. She was given a horse by her father at the age of 12. Her activities were revolved around horses and horsemanship. She studied at the Potomac Horse Center in Potomac, Maryland and became certified as an English riding instructor. She taught horsemanship at Quantico Marine Base in Quantico, Virginia. Still drawing, horses and their beautiful art form, became the subject and focus of her art.

In her 20’s Nancye left the bustle of the east coast and moved to Colorado. What brought her to the state was a desire to live in an area where open spaces were met with more open spaces. She met her future husband, Greg, in Colorado Springs. Nancye was working in Colorado Springs and Greg lived and worked in a small rural mountain town of La Veta, 100 miles to the south. They both enjoyed La Veta and decided to get married in 1976 and enjoy all of the recreational activities that came with living in and around the southern Colorado Sangre de Christo and Spanish Peak mountains.

Nancye again rode horseback on the landscape and came to appreciate the colors of the Southwest! Finding the land so vast and the skies so intensely blue or gray with an oncoming snow. There were never two days alike. There was a wealth to paint. You could spend a lifetime and not paint it all. The library of photos began and the paintings of mountains, the architectural features of old churches and horses followed.

A self-taught artist, Nancye was fortunate to have been instructed by several professional artists, taking workshops and instruction when and where she could. La Veta is a popular arts community and Nancye involved herself with the Galleries and the individual artists which soon became her art mentors.

Raising three children, they enjoyed over 30 years there before moving to Colorado Springs in 2007. With the children grown, a new adventure began. Nancye certified to become a custom framer which opened many “Art” related doors and introduced her to artists in and around the Colorado Springs area.

Framing for the last decade she has decided to spend as much time as she can with her painting. The last few years have been devoted painting the southern Utah region of Canyonlands, Glen Canyon and Lake Powell.”