I have been painting for many years, and never get bored with the landscape as subject matter. I’ve painted scenes in southern Colorado and I enjoy painting old churches and missions. I don’t always choose the subjects I paint, they often choose me. To me art is a conversation without words, clearly communicated if done well. In my paintings you will see a diversity in subject matter, which doesn’t nail me down to a specific style of painting, but the more I am painting, the more I enjoy the creating process and the best it can bring out from me.

All of the surreal paintings come from my heart in the various stages of a thoughtful conversation with myself.

I have been fortunate to spend certain times of the year enjoying the waters of Lake Powell by boat. I chose to paint Glenn Canyon and the surrounding areas of southeastern Utah. I find the desert landscape breathtaking beyond belief. I photograph a scene I may choose to paint, then I journal my feelings about that place. I do a small sketch choosing the colors of the area for reference.

I decided to take the time I needed to focus on what gives me joy and inspires me. I want to continue painting the canyons and the vast landscapes that are so alive in me!

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